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Your Guide To Accommodations In Nova Scotia

Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Park Information:
At Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, towering 180 m sea cliffs rise from the Bay of Fundy, while the world's highest tides lap at their base. Best described as a wilderness park, it has 29 km of pristine coastline, deep valleys, sheltered coves, rare plants, and remnant old-growth forests. The park offers over 40 km of wilderness trails and remote walk-in campsites.

There are no drive-up sites in the park; however, there is a community-operated campground 5 km east of the park.

Facilities and Services:
The park is open from May 21 to Oct. 24 (for the 2010 season) and offers four walk-in campgrounds a wilderness cabin, bunkhouse and a picnic area.

Campsite locations offer a variety of coastal vistas and appreciation of the unique landscape features (ravines etc) at Cape Chignecto.
Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

New Yarmouth Campground

A system of high quality front country hiking trails (and backcountry trails) connect with these walk-in sites. Several hiking opportunities (coastal; ravine complex; inland; etc.) are readily available using these sites as a base camp.

Twenty-eight walk-in tent sites are accessible from a central parking lot and/or drop off area, situated 300 m and 75 m respectively from the first campsite. A small capacity ( 3 - 5 person ) walk-in group tenting site is situated adjacent to the drop off area. Individual walk-in tenting sites are designed to accommodate extended stays. Campsites are accessed via a multi-use/service trail with centralized pit privies and woodshed, each site has a fire grill and is well buffered from the others.

Backcountry Sites (Hike In)
Sites are only accessible from the trail head at Red Rocks. The coastal trail includes physically challenging conditions. Users should be physically fit and carry equipment appropriate for wilderness travel.

  • Mill Brook - 9 campsites. 6.0 km west of Red Rocks on the Coastal Trail.
  • Refugee Cove - 11 campsites. 6.0 km west of Mill Brook.
  • Little Bald Rock - 4 campsites. 8.5 km west of Refugee Cove
  • Big Bald Rock Brook - 5 campsites. 2.5 km north of Little Bald Rock
  • Keyhole - 5 campsites. 3.7 km north of Big Bald Rock.
  • Seal Cove - 7 campsites. 4.2 km north of Keyhole Brook.
  • Eatonville - 6 km north of Seal Cove and 14 km north west of Red Rocks.

Wilderness Cabins and Bunk House
Wilderness Cabins offer dry and secure overnight accommodation on the coastal trail (no power or running water). These facilities can be reserved through the toll-free reservation number (1-888-544-3434). The bunk house (12 bunks) offers similar accommodation to the cabins.

  • Arch Gulch Cabin - 8.5 km from Red Rocks on coastal trail.

Nearby Attractions:
Parrsboro, 45 km ;
Amherst 80 km

How to Find Us:
Follow Route 209 from Parrsboro to West Advocate; from Highway 104, Exit 4 at Amherst, follow Route 2 to Upper Nappan, take Route 302 to Maccan, Route 242 to River Hebert and then follow Route 209 through Joggins to West Advocate. Our civic address is: 1108 West Advocate Road, Advocate Harbour

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