Accommodations Nova Scotia

Your Guide To Accommodations In Nova Scotia

Malagash, Nova Scotia

Malagash is derived from an Indian word “Malegawach” meaning “the mocking place”, or where the Indians used to meet to play games, or from “Muligech” meaning “milk” and used to describe the appearance of water when ruffled.

The area was first settled by Loyalists and disbanded soldiers in 1785. Among them were Stephen Canfield, David and Isaac Teed, Solomon Horton, and Col. Gilbert Purdy. A Methodist Church was built in 1808, followed by a Presbyterian Church in 1810.

Lumbering was the first industry, Ship-building began by 1804. A lobster factory was established in 1877, and a cheese factory in 1891. Salt mining began in 1918 but was abandoned in 1959 after a new shaft was opened in Pugwash

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