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Pugwash, Nova Scotia

Pugwash is an exciting and vibrant village on the North Shore of Nova Scotia offering a variety of activities. Shoppers have a selection of unusual gift stores including Seagull Pewter and Basic Spirit outlets. For art lovers we have The Mixed Palette art group, the Jean Wallace Gallery and Horton House Gallery. Outdoors people can swim at one of our fine beaches, hike our trails or golf at one of Canada’s top one hundred courses.

Natural elements abound, leaving first time visitors in awe. Even local people, who see seasons come and go, marvel at the natural beauty. Mild winters slide into spring then give way to endless summers ... warm water, beautiful days, and crystal clear night skies. Don't forget Indian summer. Its warm days and cool nights are perfect for enjoying stunning fall colours.

Pugwash is famous for being the site of an international conference of scholars organized by Bertrand Russell in 1957, and hosted by Pugwash's native son, steel magnate Cyrus Eaton (1883-1979), at the lodge on his estate located just north of the village. This conference brought high-level scientists from both sides of the Cold War divide to state their opposition to nuclear weapons. This meeting was a follow-up to an earlier statement of notables whose signatories had included Albert Einstein and Linus Pauling, the Russell-Einstein Manifesto. The name Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs has since been used to refer to the group, although citizens in Pugwash generally term these visitors as the "Great Thinkers."

Visitors entering Pugwash were once greeted by roadside signs announcing that they were entering the "Home of the Thinkers," but the signs have since been replaced by a newer slogan "World Famous for Peace". The switch was made in response to the 1995 awarding of the Nobel Prize to the International Pugwash conferences "for their efforts to diminish the part played by nuclear arms in international politics and in the longer run to eliminate such arms".

In turn the children's cartoon character Captain Pugwash was named after the organisation, after the author came across the name in a newspaper article.

Pugwash is also home to many descendants of Highland Scots who immigrated to the region in the 1800s. All street signs in the town are bilingual with both English and Gaelic translations. The village celebrates its Scottish heritage each July 1, with the annual Gathering of the Clans and Fisherman's regatta. The Pugwash area, and indeed the entire north shore of Nova Scotia, is famed for its warm waters and sandy beaches. Some claim the waters in summer here are the warmest waters north of the Carolinas in the United States.

The creation of pewter crafts and souvenirs is another important industry in Pugwash. The village has an elementary school, named after Cyrus Eaton, as well as a regional high school that draws students from around rural Cumberland County. Pugwash has recently started a small farmers market that runs during the summer months.

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