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Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The Town of Lunenburg, in Nova Scotia, Canada, was established in 1753. It was the first British Colonial settlement in Nova Scotia outside of Halifax. The first settlers were from various parts of Germany, Switzerland, and the Montbeliard region of France.

A vibrant and stable economy was built on farming, fishing, ship building and ocean-based commerce, particularly in the West Indies trade. More than 200 years in fishing, ship-building and marine related industries has provided Lunenburg with a strong economic base.

A view from Lunenburg's beautiful waterfront today will take in many of these established marine industries. Among these are: High Liner Foods Inc., one of the largest fish processing plants in North America; Lunenburg Industrial Foundry and Engineering Ltd., founded in 1891; Scotia Trawler; Adams and Knickle; Deep Sea Trawlers; ABCO Industries Ltd.- founded in 1947 and the Lunenburg Marine Railway one of the largest marine railway complexes in Nova Scotia. A diversified economy based on the fisheries, tourism and manufacturing has become firmly entrenched in Lunenburg.

The Town of Lunenburg offers visitors many architectural delights. Houses, businesses, churches and public buildings from the late 1700's and particularly early 1800's are still being used today. The town's German heritage has been maintained and promoted and the history of the fishing industry has been captured in the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. In 1992, the Government of Canada designated "Old Town" Lunenburg as a National Historic District. In 1995, the World Heritage Committee, under the auspices of UNESCO, recognized Lunenburg's cultural and natural heritage by adding it to their World Heritage List.

Due to its strong Maritime culture, Lunenburg has retained close ties with fellow Maritimers in the New England states, such as Gloucester, Massachusetts. Lunenburg's rich German heritage has also made it a popular destination for European visitors.

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