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Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia

While the community of Barrington Passage has grown substantially over the past decade, it has experienced tough economic times because of the shortage of lobster (the primary industry in Barrington). This small village housed small commerce for several decades with links to the rest of Nova Scotia by rail, land and sea. In the early part of the 20th century a fixed link to Cape Sable Island was planned to replace the ferry service which had to run through heavy currents as the tides changed daily. A permanent link in the form of a bridge was considered, but failed and a solid causeway was constructed in the 1940s and was opened in 1949 with a length of nearly 1 km.

Today, Barrington Passage is a busy commercial area with two large grocery stores, a national award-winning hardware store, several restaurants, and familiar fast food venues. Travelers are serviced by two banks, a post office, contemporary library with internet facilities, fishing supplies outlet, access to genealogical and geographical information in Barrington, Cape Sable Island and not far away (30 minutes driving time) in the County Capital of Shellburne.

Of truly significant importance is the fact that it is close to many beautiful white sand beaches, all accessible by road and open to public access and use year round. The water temperature is on the cool to cold side, except at the Sand Hills Provincial Park where the water is heated by the hot sands when the tides roll in. On Cape Sable Island alone, there are six beaches with public access and great signage to point the way. Shelburne County has a high number of beautiful white sand beaches all within only a ten minute to one hour drive of Barrington Passage. The "Passage" as it is known, is the fastest growing area in Shelburne County basing its success and hopes on the fishing industry. Barrington Municipality is the Lobster Fishing Capital of Canada

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