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Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

The importance of the Tatamagouche waterfront to local inhabitants can be traced as far back as the Mi’kmaq who first inhabited the area naming it from their word "meeting place of the waters". However, it was not until the influx of the Scottish settlers that the Tatamagouche waterfront, nestled between the Northumberland Strait and the Cobequid Mountains, truly became an integral part of everyday life.

During the late 1700’s and most of the 1800’s, as Scottish settler’s began to flood the area, the Tatamagouche waterfront became the lifeblood of the local inhabitants. The major mode of transportation would have been by ship and during the age of sail, numerous wharves dotted the waterfront. Here goods flowed both in and out and the ships that hauled the goods could be seen being built. To most if not all it was an integral part of life. The waterfront was the means of communication; it was here where the mail came and news of the outside world filtered in.

Today the community is amazingly well equipped for a village that has a population of approximately 700 (within the village boundaries). The larger local area, however, provides over ten times that number. As well, in the summer, the population swells even more due to the tourism industry.

The economy of the area is one of contrast. Primary industry (farming, fishing, forestry), along with tourism and a growing information technology industry (computer based business, graphics, internet) operate side by side in a very exciting and vibrant mix of old and new.

Tatamagouche remains an area of old and new. A village of old Victorian homes and stores built in the late 1800s, intertwined with modern houses and facilities; a village encompassing a slow traditional way of life with state of the art technology.

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