Accommodations Nova Scotia

Your Guide To Accommodations In Nova Scotia

Southwest Margaree, Nova Scotia

You'll find Southwest Margaree on your way from Margaree Forks on Route 19. Folks in Southwest Margaree are known for their love of music and dancing.

Each Friday night from late June to Labour Day, there's fiddle music and dancing at St. Joseph's Hall, right beside the church. If you're staying in the area, these dances or 'ceilidhs,' shouldn't be missed; they are known all over the island.

Traditionally, the southwest was known for the Gaspereau fishing on the Margaree River in springtime. The Gaspereau make their way in from the ocean, up the Margaree to spawn in Lake Ainslie; on the riverbanks, huge box-like cages were lowered into the water on a pivot, then raised full of fish.

These fish are pickled in salt and exported to the Caribbean, where they continue to be a favourite. You can still see men fishing this way on the river in parts of the southwest.

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