Accommodations Nova Scotia

Your Guide To Accommodations In Nova Scotia

Northeast Margaree, Nova Scotia

You'll find Northeast Margaree on the Cabot Trail, soon after you leave the Lake O'Law area, or on your way to Baddeck from Margaree Forks. This settlement is located on a long straight stretch of road, with St. Patrick's church and the community hall, and a number of picturesque homesteads.

You should make a point to see the Salmon Museum, a jewel of a museum if there ever was one. At the Margaree Valley/Cabot Trail junction, check out Two Macs, which is a cute gift shop with lovely painted mats made by the owner, along with other Maritime items. There's also The Dancing Goat, a bistro across the road, which offers coffee, cappuccino, fresh-baked pies, breads, sweets, and fresh-made sandwiches.

Don't miss the Four Winds Gallery, run by Josef McKinnon- he's a folk artist who lives and carves by the roadside on the Cabot Trail; he'd be happy to chat as you check out his work–look for a yellow log cabin on the north side of the road.

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