Accommodations Nova Scotia

Your Guide To Accommodations In Nova Scotia

Mill Cove, Nova Scotia

Mill Cove, located six kilometers west of Hubbards on Highway 329, is a growing residential area and home to one of our Ten Beaches. Settled around 1832, the community was named after an old lumber mill. But in 1967, Mill Cove became known as the site of Canada's newest naval communications base.

The area was selected at the time as a relatively isolated area, known more for its rabbits, beavers and deer, and generally free from any industrial activities created by humans that could interfere with coastal communications.

CFS Mill Cove employed almost 200 naval personnel and civilians when it first opened, and operated for nearly three decades. But on June 1, 1995 the base was closed, and later sold, due to military budget cutbacks. Today the former base has been converted for both residential and commercial uses, and its vast acreage is the proposed site for an 18-hole golf course, resort and housing development.

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