Accommodations Nova Scotia

Your Guide To Accommodations In Nova Scotia

Meat Cove, Nova Scotia

Meat Cove, a tiny hamlet at the very tip of Cape Breton Island, offers a wonderful camping experience on a cliff edge above where the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean meet.

Whether a visitor or a camper, you will be surrounded by the sound of the sea beating at the rock cliffs and by the calling of seagulls and by the wind coming down from the surrounding mountains.

Remote as it appears to be, Meat Cove is wired to the modern world through a C@P site where visitors can check or send e-mail, or surf for information from the world beyond Meat Cove, but why would you when you are immersed in an environment composed of ocean, mountains, trails, and the rugged beauty of Cape Breton Highlands?

Meat Cove has camping and lodging facilities, a full menu restaurant in the C@P site, and the recently opened Ocean View Lodge. The very name of the place carries within it legends of the past. Was it slaughtered animals in casks of salt coming ashore from a ship which went down in the turbulent North Atlantic waters, or was it the abundant supply of moose and caribou in the early days which gave this place its name? Stories vary, but the cove is still there.

Although the caribou are gone, moose may still be seen, as well as the white-tailed deer. It is a place apart both in its geography and in its aura.

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