Accommodations Nova Scotia

Your Guide To Accommodations In Nova Scotia

Margaree Centre, Nova Scotia

Margaree Centre
Just west of Margaree Valley, turn off East Big Intervale Rd at the first left if you're coming from the Trail. You'll pass Cranton Bridge, which traverses the Margaree River and which offers a popular summer swimming hole for locals.

There is large variety of accommodations nearby. There's gas, mechanics and take-out food at Ingraham's Garage, and you can take the road to Phillip's Mountain, where you'll find the Look off, which offers great views out over the Valley and the Northeast.

You can find it if you continue on the road past the church and credit union, which eventually turns into a gravel road ascending the mountain. After minute or so, you'll see a small pull-off on the left, across from a red-roofed log cabin and barn on the hill.

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