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Lake Ainslie, Nova Scotia

Lake Ainslie, the largest freshwater lake in Nova Scotia, surrounded by fertile land and fascinating mountains, and with a width of six miles and length of 12 miles, is approximately the size of the Sea of Galilee. As you stand or drive amid this remarkable beauty, it may be difficult to grasp, but the provincial government once entertained a proposal to drain the entire lake.

As farfetched as the story sounds, it almost came to pass. In 1880, the provincial government granted the land on the bottom of the lake to two enterprising men, Ellenhausen and Burchill, who had plans to drain the lake and drill for oil. Fortunately for everyone, the deal fell through, and today we can still enjoy the peaceful serenity of fishing Lake Ainslie’s waters, riding the waves, or walking along its shoreline.

Fortunately saner brains prevailed the day, and today Lake Ainslie is home to a thriving tradition in the heritage arts, and few places showcase those skills as freshly as the Lake Ainslie Weavers and Craft Guild. Active since 1985, this dedicated group of individuals have brought the once threatened cultural art of weaving to a living craft carried out by its members in their centre at Scotsville. The centre itself, a former community school closed through a wave of rural amalgamations, is once again at the heart of community activities.

While the weavers who sit at the looms most often reproduce ancestral plaids and tartans of the Highlands clans, the weavers themselves are not lost in the past. From this creative centre new designs for tartans celebrating Inverness County and Lake Ainslie itself have been registered. Since 1990 the guild has turned the school into a vital, community based learning and cultural centre known as the Scotsville School of Crafts. During the spring and fall the organization offers a broad range of courses.

During the summer months, the Scotsville School of Crafts is staffed. Displays of the weavers’ work are available, as well as a gift shop, and for visitors’ convenience the school also houses a C@P site where people can access e-mail and conduct other online research or activities.

The main objective of this committed group of artisans is to perpetuate the traditional Celtic handcrafts while incorporating the most modern methods and techniques. It is also building a body of documents on all textile weaving in Inverness County. The long-term hope is that this information will one day take book form and become widely available. Weaving is not the only craft practiced by members of the guild. The school’s gift shop, open for summer hours and by appointment, features hand woven items, tartans, knitted items, paintings, quilted items, woodwork.

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