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Your Guide To Accommodations In Nova Scotia

Canso, Nova Scotia

Canso is situated at the entrance to Chedabucto Bay and is sheltered from the ocean by Grassy Island.

The variations of the word Canso were numerous in the French and English periods. In the 17th century, Canso was known to the French as Canceaux. The name Canso comes from the Mi'kmaq word Kamsok meaning "opposite the lofty cliffs."

The Port and Town of Canso are located at the extreme eastern point of N.S., and lies at the entrance to Chedabucto Bay. With the exception of a piece of Labrador, Canso is the closest point on the North American Mainland to Europe.

Canso is said to be the oldest fishing port in the Maritimes, and as early as 1504 was visited by Basque, Breton and French fishermen. It is to to the rich Atlantic cod-fishery that Canso owes much of its history and battle scars.

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