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Blandford, Nova Scotia

A fishing community that formed one of the first settlements on the Aspotogan Peninsula prior to 1767, Blandford may have derived its name from Dorsetshire, England. Its first settlers, though, were Irish.

Located along Highway 329, Blandford is still a fishing community, but it has also become a community of choice for artists and artisans. The Blandford Community Hall is home to the Blandford & Area Historical Society and its summer exhibit, which runs from May through September each year. The exhibit includes a wide-range of historical artifacts, from tools and household goods to fishing and whaling equipment.

The whaling exhibits date back to 1940's, and through to the early 1970's, when the whaling industry was active along this coastline. Over growing concern for the conservation of whales, the whaling trade was banned by the province in 1972, and the last whaling station located here was forced to close. Nearby New Harbour was home to that whaling station, from where whale meat and oil was produced.

The Blandford Historical Society also maintains some of the area's best genealogical records from which to trace family ancestries. The Society currently sells two history books on the area, "The Rooster Crows at Dawn," by the late Lee Zinck, and "Echoes of Deep Cove," by Lilly Zinck. The Society is scheduled to release a new book, "A Pictorial History of Blandford," this year.

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