Accommodations Nova Scotia

Your Guide To Accommodations In Nova Scotia

Big Pond, Nova Scotia

Big Pond is situated along the southern side of the delightful Bras d'Or Lakes, an inland saltwater sea of 450 square miles with a coast line of more than 440 nautical miles. Four major rivers the Baddeck, Middle, Washabuck and Deny's feed the lake, as do a series of natural salt springs. Sailing on the Bras d'Or is exceptional, with numerous coves and natural moorings scattered throughout the basin.

Those who wish to remain securely situated on land can tour the beautiful Bras d'Or shoreline; the beach at Big Pond (directly across from the hall and church) with its modest and soon to be improved, boat ramp, is a popular spot to test the clean, clear, temperate and salty waters of the Bras d'Or Lakes.

In Big Pond you can also expect sightings of various birds including the Bald Eagle. During the summer months well over a hundred varieties of birds can be observed including the boreal chickadee and the spruce grouse. In the winter locals feed the birds and birding is popular in the area year round, permitting excellent photographic opportunities. Wild flowers are plentiful, including the common lupin, lady's slipper and mayflower. The area also contains most of the thirty trees native to Nova Scotia, numbering the white or American elm and two hundred year old hemlocks among them

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